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Pike Creek Physical Therapy is committed to providing quality physical rehabilitation services. Every client will be evaluated and treated by a physical therapist , and all subsequent therapy will be administered by the same therapist for continuity and quality of care. Goals include prompt, personal, appropriate, and effective treatment delivered in an environment that encourages optimal results


We have an experienced exceptional staff that includes physical therapists and athletic trainers with more than 85 years of combined professional experience. Clients will benefit from one-on-one care with state of the art equipment, and cutting edge services


We have been in existence since 1990, recently moving from the Lantana Shopping Center in Hockessin to the Pike Creek Sports Medicine Building on Limestone Rd. The practice has always been owned and operated by physical therapists actively involved in patient care at the site


Pike Creek Physical Therapy has been deeply involved in the community with: medical coverage and sponsorship of local events, medical coverage of high school athletic competitions and practices, and educational services